Freshmen win by a landslide against Chaparral


Credit: Lizz Shields

Lizz Shields

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, the first freshman football game of the year took place at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale. Since it was the freshman game, the bleachers were not entirely packed. From even before the game started, Husky parents were cheering on their kids.

Starting off the game in 106-degree heat, the Huskies kicked off to start the game. About halfway through the first quarter, the Huskies scored their first touchdown. The Huskies continued to soar, with the second quarter leaving the Huskies up 28-0. The Chaparral pomline cheered the Firebirds, and during the third quarter, Chaparral almost scored against Hamilton, when a Husky tackled the Chaparral player before he went to the endzone. The third quarter ended with the Huskies ahead, 42-0. The fourth quarter saw no change in score and ended with the freshman Huskies winning 42-0. The fans went home happy, jumping up from their seats to cheer for their team.

One of the football players’ parents commented on the feeling after the big win. “Awesome, that’s so good that they’ll be pumped up,” said Mrs. Blissit (parent of #58). It’s great that the team has devoted parents, always excited for the Huskies to win. The players also seemed to celebrate their win on the bus ride home, “We played hard… the bus ride home was lit!” said Freshman Amir Frazier (#3). “When you work hard and stay humble, you beat a team 42-0,” said Sergio Villa (#52) about the win and advice to sports players. It’s always good to be humble and proud of your wins.

As the winning score goes, it’s always a good idea to play to the best of your ability and be proud of yourself. By working well with your team, you’ll be sure to succeed. The Freshman did great and are very excited about their next game at Highland this Wednesday, August 28th!