Dawg Pound: Howling Huskies


Credit: Ms. Regester

Germaine Jacques

With the Fall sports season here, the huskies come together to cheer on their hard-working and devoted players. Almost every home game, the home side stands are full of standing supporters. They all howl chants for their players in maroon.

With football season here, the Dawg Pound is ready for uplifts. Home games are a great way to get Huskies to represent Hamilton High School, especially with the help of the Dawg Pound. Mollie Kauffman (11) says the Dawg Pound brings “togetherness and involvement of all students which makes it fun.” No one is left out in the glorious crowd of overbearing students. Mollie also says, “Without the Dawg Pound, the cheering wouldn’t be as fun and there would be less participation.” The Dawg Pound plays a big (and loud) role at Hamilton’s sporting events.

The Dawg pound does not only participate in football games. Isaiah Adams (12), a student part of the Dawg Pound, informed, “we go to all sporting events from Football, to soccer, to basketball, all of them.” This gives all sports players a rush of motivation from the booming cheers. 

There is never a quiet moment on the bleacher stands. Wendy Lopez (11) says, “The Dawg Pound definitely gets the job done to get everyone hyped up and standing, it’s hard to sit and be quiet.” When others hear the thunderous joyful yells, it is enthralling to them.

Want to join in on the howling fun? Be sure to be at the next home game to cheer on for your favorites. Go give the Dawg Pound a follow on Twitter @dawgpound2020 to keep updated on upcoming sports events!