The Hotties


Credit: The Hotties’ Facebook

Julia Carson

The Hotties are a group that supports our football team here at Hamilton. But starting this year, they support all the sports teams. The money raised from selling items during the game goes to important causes, or to help people in need. There are many things they want you to know about their club. 

It used to be exclusive, but they opened it up for any girl that wants to join. “To join, you have to be a senior girl. All you have to do is text me, and I’ll let you in,” Bella Rohrs (12) said. Entering the club is very easy, just message Bella and you’ll get in. All you have to be is a Senior here at Hamilton High School. You may also need to have enough time to go to the games and support any team at school. 

The main goal of The Hotties is simple. “We are trying to bring back school spirit, support our teams and athletics, as well as being a good face for the community,” says Peyton Patrick (12). Showing the community that The Hotties are doing good. They are strong and empowering. These girls are willing to keep showing spirit for our sports teams at school.

These girls do many things for the teams at Hamilton. “To show support, we make baskets for every senior football player, bring snacks, and stay [for the duration of] the entire game,” said Lexi Campbell (12). The baskets are filled with snacks and other goodies for the team. While they do things for the teams here at Hamilton, they also support outside charities and kids. To find them at the games, they’re usually in front of the student section.

This group has evolved into something so much bigger than it was in the past. It’s been going on for many years, but this year they’re being more diverse. Deciding to change things up for the better. So if you’re a girl senior here at Hamilton, and want to support the football team, join The Hotties.