Best Decorated Doors: Top Nominees


Credits: Brock London

Brock London

If you’ve seen Hamilton’s decorated doors you most likely know that they are brilliant and well made to go with the ‘out of this world’ theme for Homecoming. What you may not have known is that STUGO (Student Government) judged the decorations to see who has done the best. Decoration winners were separated into different sections. First up best hallway decorated doors; E110-Barlett, E207-Bauman, C109B-Rockwell, C205-Pollnow, D111-Gutierrez, D209-Kenyon, N202-Gonzales, also the boy locker room. ‘Best door’ wasn’t only reserved for teachers; E100 got ‘best-decorated office.’ All in all, the ‘best hallway’ was given to the Downstairs N building. Lastly, the ‘best-decorated’ door went to Ms. Campanella. She gave an eccentric design of The Guardians of the Galaxy that was so lifelike. Comment to share your favorite designs with the Paw Print!