Fall Break Plans


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Credit: Dayton Parent Magazine

Zelia Garcia

Fall break is just around the corner, coming up this Friday, September 27th! The excitement of the students continues to grow as the break draws near and plans are beginning to unravel. For this fall break, students have many trips planned to go out of state and even out of the country!

One of the places that many Hamilton students love to visit is California. Ariana Orlando (12) said, “For this fall break, I’m going to make a trip to California with some of my friends, it’s always our go-to spot.” California seems to be a place that a lot of students like to visit over a break. The beaches, somewhat cooler weather and amazing shops are some huge influences for visiting there and make it a great place to relax on a vacation.

Even more, students are planning on going to California as Harper Ellis (10) said, “I’m planning on visiting California to shop at Brandy Melville.” Brandy Melville is a well-known clothing brand that only has a few stores available to shop at, one of them being in California. So, one of the stores being there also draws people to want to go. California is going to be flooded with people from Hamilton High School this fall break!

Some students are even going out of the country for fall break. Ryker Talbot (12) said, “I’m going to Mexico to skydive with my dad out of a helicopter.” While Mexico sure is beautiful, he’s getting to see it from a whole new perspective. Much like California, there are beautiful beaches to visit in Mexico that would look even more incredible from up in the sky.

Fall break is coming up very soon and students already have a multitude of plans made. With that amount of free time, let’s make sure to make this the best break yet. Remember to stay safe and have fun! Have a great fall break huskies!