Hamilton Teacher Winning Presidential Excellence Award


Zelia Garcia

Along with five other teachers in Arizona, Deborah Nipar received The Presidential Awards for Excellence in  Mathematics and Science Teaching. She teaches AP Chemistry and honors science research here at Hamilton. According to the news release, “teachers are picked based on their unique ways of teaching and their direct impact on the students wanting to learn.” Mrs. Nipar is one of the original teachers at HHS and has been supporting huskies all throughout the school for two decades, Principal De La Torre said.

Mrs. Nipar is known for her dedication to what she teaches and her ability to make it enjoyable. Claire Apostle (12) said, “I had her when I was a junior and honestly, I would not have passed that class without her constant help.” Nipar will take any extra steps to help a student not only learn, but fully understand the material. If someone is struggling, she’ll go over the information patiently, until they are comfortable enough to teach others. Even after education students on the subjects for over 20 years, she still has the same dedication to helping her students succeed as she did back when she first started teaching.

Even students who never got the chance to have Mrs. Nipar as their teacher have some delightful things to say about her. Liliana Sanchez (11) said, “I take regular Chemistry, but my class is right next to Mrs. Nipar’s. I always hear her class laughing and they’re always doing some sort of extra activity to learn the lessons more in-depth.” Mrs. Nipar makes the students interested in expanding their education beyond just what they’re taught in class. The extra activities she does with the students get their creative juices flowing and encourages them to pursue what they want. Student Ariana Orlando (12) said, “If anyone should’ve got the award, it should’ve been her. I’m so beyond happy to see Mrs. Nipar getting the recognition she deserves.” Many other students agree as well. She deserved to get such a prestigious award for all of the hard work she puts into her job, as well as her dedication to never giving up on her students.

Mrs. Nipar is very much deserving of the Presidential Excellence Award. She shows more than enough hard work to qualify for the award. She goes above and beyond in her job and loves interacting with her students. Developing personal relationships with students is key to ensuring their success, and Mrs. Nipar has exceeded that. Students are actually excited to attend her class.