Veterans Day 2019


Zelia Garcia

Veterans day is on November 11th in the United States. On this day, Americans honor all military veterans (any person that’s served in the United States Armed Forces). To honor the ones who’ve served, people will treat a veteran they know out to lunch, visit a VA hospital, donate to charities benefiting vets, and more. This day is of crucial importance to Americans, especially those that come from a military family, and on this special day, American flags are raised a little higher.

For Veterans Day this year, there was a parade in New York on 5th Avenue. In this parade, military veterans were saluted and over 25,000 supporters cheered on all of the active officers, ROTC members, marching bands & memorial floats. The United States Marine Corps was the featured military branch this year, but as always, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard were also represented. Raegan Gough (12) said, “I watched the parade on T.V. with my family. My dad was a veteran and he served in the Navy. It’s always nice to see all of the recognition that the people who have served our country receive.” Since the parade was aired on television, the active and fallen soldiers received even more recognition from people all across America and were consistently being thanked. For families with a loved one in the military or one who has passed, it provides some closure and happiness seeing their duties not being overlooked.

Many restaurants, fast food places, and even Six Flags thanked our troops by providing them with free meals and entry into the park this Veterans Day. For example, Chick-Fil-A made a post on Instagram that stated, “…we would like to invite all active duty and veterans into our restaurant for a free original or spicy chicken sandwich… We thank you for your service.” A free sandwich is the least us Americans could do to give back to those who risk their lives for our country. Ruby Schulz (11) said, “I was in California for this three day weekend with my family and I saw that veterans could get into Six Flags for free! Also, they even gave the family members of a veteran a discount, they would only have to pay $29.99 to get into the park.” Free entry into the amusement park is absolutely crazy, but so well deserved by the active duty and veterans! 

Many Americans participated in honoring our veterans this holiday by raising their flags and donating to charities and fundraisers to help support our troops. Many suffer from mental and physical disabilities from their duties back in the military and need professional help, but cannot attain it. That’s the goal of these donations, to give back to the veterans and show them that Americans are thankful for their service. In a class full of 32 seniors, 29 of them said they did something special to honor the vets. Whether it was a simple “thank you” to a vet or a huge donation to a charity, almost everyone contributed in some way to give their thanks.