Thanksgiving Break


Credit: Getty Images

Julia Carson

Thanksgiving is on November 28th, and Hamilton High School has a five day weekend starting on Wednesday, the 27th. The first Thanksgiving happened in 1621. It’s become a national holiday in America, Canada, the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. The harvest festival lasted three days. This holiday has been celebrated ever since then in many different ways, including Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Everyone has a different way of celebrating Thanksgiving, whether it’s the culture they have or if they have certain traditions. “My family and I volunteer at Feed My Starving Children every year during the long weekend,” Ashly Quintus (9) said. Some people have similar traditions they carry out on this day. “ I plan on spending time with my family and friends while watching football, and the next day we go Black Friday shopping,” said Tobin Moeller (12). Black Friday is really big, with all the sales at different stores. “To be honest I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s just another dinner with my family,” stated Joelie Joot (10). Everyone’s Culture or religion, if you will, is different. Like Christmas, everyone celebrates differently, but it is still a meaningful time to spend with your family and friends. The pilgrims and Natives were different, but they all came together and enjoyed good food and good company with each other. 

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. Students have many different plans made for these five days off.  Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy a great five day weekend huskies!