Hamilton CTE Tours

Hamilton CTE Tours

Patrick Shields

Hamilton JROTC led multiple middle schools on a schoolwide tour of Hamilton. January 8th through the 10th tours begin at 8:30 am and end at 2:30 pm, During the tours, middle schoolers are able to see the many programs that hamilton has to offer such as early childhood, photography, graphic design, and many more. In each class, the teacher explains what the class is about and what the class requires from the student during the year. The students will also visit the cafeteria to see what a typical meal at HHS is like.  

The CTE tours are a great way for incoming freshman to get an idea of what they want to take for their first year of high school. “When I was an eighth-grader, I remember touring the school and being brought into the ceramics classroom. I immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to pursue my passion at school!” said Gabby Jacobson (11). Each elective shows off their best work and tries to appeal to the students. It shows a glimpse of what they could get, drawing them in. “It’s always funny to see how scared the middle schoolers are when they see all of the high schoolers.” JROTC CTE tour leader, Ryker Talbot said. It may be intimidating for the eighth graders to see all of the big kids, but it provides a little bit of a segway from middle school to high school. It during a school day so the incoming freshman can know what to expect when actually attending their first day. “The CTE tour last year that we took with our classes really helped me

overcome my fear of high school and seeing all of the electives helped me pick out what I wanted to take,” Jackson Dwoling (9) said. Being able to experience the life of an everyday high schooler makes the fear of actually attending easy less scary.

All in all, CTE tours help the incoming freshman decide what classes they want to take. Just seeing the name of a class isn’t much help but actually being able to see the class first hand, meet the teacher, and hear it explained makes it a lot better. The tours went successfully and although not many people asked questions, it’s sure to be a good upcoming school year for the new freshman.