DECA District Win


Ava Price

Last weekend, DECA won its district competition at ASU. DECA is a club that teaches students a lot about how to run a business and take leadership. “Marketing and DECA Club is more useful than a lot of other electives because you learn to market yourself and it helps you to go places in life. It is a life class which sounds corny but it really does help you in the real world,” said Rafael Trujillo (10). The main goal is to help students gain life skills that will follow them into their adult lives and benefit them in a positive way.

At their district competition, there was a panel of judges and the students had ten minutes to prepare a situation. This included how the students could improve their company or fix a problem. “When the ten minutes are up we go to our assigned judge and talk in front of them. We introduce ourselves, our interests, and what company or problem we have. After we state the points, the judges ask questions and we follow up with more questions in which we have to provide answers,” said Swaad Asad (10). The students did extremely well while under the pressure of the judging panel and came out on top! “My favorite thing about DECA is that it prepares us for scenarios that may be presented in an approachable way,” said Tyson Bromely (10). 

Overall, DECA’s district competition went extremely well, as they ended up winning. DECA is a great learning experience for many students and provides them with many situations in which they can learn to deal with. So be sure to congratulate your fellow huskies on their win at ASU!