Connie’s Winter Break Reflection

Connie Escobar

It comes to no surprise that this winter break was very different from the rest. A year ago today there was very little talk about COVID-19. Last year during winter break I traveled to Florida to spend time with my family. However, this year was quite different, I spent winter break here in Arizona with my immediate family and three friends. For the entire winter vacation I had to take a break from any form of exercise due to a surgery I had done on the last day of school. It was not fully healed till New Years day. However, when I began running I hurt my IT band which led me to take another week break from running and even biking. 

Aside from exercise I spent my break taking on the senior tradition of “assassins”. Which as many know is a game involving water guns where the seniors compete against one another until one team is left standing.Its a very fun way to fill the empty spaces of time. It gave many of us seniors fun experiences with people we’ve gone to school with for four years but never interacted with. Besides trying to compete against my fellow seniors one of my favorite things I did over break was taking a day trip to the ghost town of Jerome with two of my best friends.While we were there we decided to vlog our experience and just explore the town itself. I have to say the drive there and back was the best part of the trip. I guess it is true what they say “It’s about the journey, not the destination”.    

Jerome was not the only ghostly place I went to during winter, I also went to Nevada where I visited the Clown Motel which is very disturbing but also quite interesting. The clown motel in Tonopah, Nev is supposedly very haunted. While there I didn’t experience anything but spending time with family made it very eventful. 

Overall my winter break was very calming and eventful, not too hectic but just the right amount of fun. While I do wish COVID-19 did not take over the holiday season I made the best out of what I had here at home. I did not let corona take over the holiday festivities.