Jordan’s Winter Break Reflection

Jordan Bivins

With winter break over and the start of the second semester already upon us, a reflection of my past two weeks is here. My two and a half weeks of break have been relaxing and restful. I stayed home, playing my part in helping slow the spread of the virus. At home, I spent most of my time reading, watching movies, cooking, calling friends and spreading quality time with my family. I also caught up with sleep, cherishing all the days where I didn’t have to wake up at my usual 5:45 a.m for school. My family and I celebrated Christmas in a different way than usual. On Christmas Eve we went out to my great aunt’s house to celebrate my dad’s birthday like usual. Then on Christmas Day, instead of having dinner with my entire family, we stayed home and watched movies. I did get to see my cousins the day after Christmas to exchange gifts at the park but all of that was done wearing masks and distancing as much as possible. On New Years my family stayed home playing games and watching shows. I got to start my 2021 safe at home with my favorite people. 

As for new years resolutions, I’m the person who always makes one but doesn’t always follow through with it. I always like to have three resolutions, one that I can hold at the end of the year, one that will make me a better person, and my reading goal. This year, I want to write letters to all the people in my life letting them know how much they mean to me. I also want to focus on working on my mental health and focusing on the things that bring me joy. For my reading, I want to read 50 books this year. In all, I’m already getting a head start on all of these resolutions.

I’m so thankful for the extremely enjoyable break I was able to have and I’m excited for what this year has to offer. I’m glad to be learning in a safer environment, and I hope that this year will bring us closer to the end of this pandemic. I hope your break was relaxing too, stay selfless and stay safe.