Recent Georgia Voting Law and its Backlash


Jordan Bivins

The 2020 election was by far the most voted on election in American history. This almost came as a surprise during such a tumultuous year with the virus and political unrest. The state of Georgia ended up becoming a deciding factor in the presidential election as well as the senator election. Georgia, unlike other states, can have runoff elections like what we saw in January of 2021. This happens if neither candidate reaches the majority vote (50%+1). If no one reaches the majority they hold a runoff election. In this case, Jon Ossof and Raphael Warnock won the runoff election. 

This created an even longer race for the candidates and the country as we watched to see what party would control the senate. With the country watching the opinions of this law about runoff races was obvious, many believed it pointless and questioned its existence.  On April 2, 2021, the Georgia legislature passed a new voter law that decided how Georgia was going to now run their elections. The law now detailed certain rules such as how food and water could not be distributed at voting sites. In Georgia, it’s now illegal for election officials to mail out absentee ballot applications to all voters, and voters will now have less time to request absentee ballots. In all, the new voter laws are making it harder for people to vote, especially in lower income areas. 

In reaction to the new voter laws, major organizations such as MLB have shown its criticism towards the new laws. They were supposed to have their All-Star game in Atlanta in June. The executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, Tony Clark, has raised the idea to move the game in stand against the laws. Other companies such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, both having headquarters in Georgia, have also shown their criticism. Other political leaders have described the new laws as “This is Jim Crow on steroids”. The backlash against this new voter law already shows the Georgia government what the opinion on the laws are.