How to Stay Safe While Enjoying Summer


Jordan Bivins

In less than five weeks, CUSD will be on summer break. After the weird summer we had in 2020, it’s apparent that everyone is looking forward to this one. It’s also important to stay safe while enjoying your summer to make sure we can come back to the next school year on the right track. The CDC has released statements on traveling, summer camps and group gatherings that can give insight into how students can spend their summer in the safest way possible. 

The CDC has a whole page dedicated to how to travel safely during Covid-19. They mostly ask travelers to be vaccinated before traveling but for travelers under 16, that cannot happen.  For those who are unvaccinated, they recommend getting tested one to three days before the trip and to limit outside interaction before the flight. On the plane, they say to wear your mask correctly, avoid crowds of people and stay clean by using and sanitizer or washing your hands. After the trip they recommend getting tested again, staying away from high risk individuals and watching for Covid symptoms. 

In regards to summer camps, the CDC recommends youth continue to wear masks, socially distance and stay clean. They recommend camps limit the number of children in the camps and plan outside activities. They say masks should only be taken off while sleeping, swimming, eating or drinking. “Federal health officials also issued rules for overnight camps, saying eligible staff, volunteers, campers and family members should be fully vaccinated two weeks before traveling to camps, while those who are not vaccinated should self-quarantine for two weeks before arriving at camp. Those who are not fully vaccinated should also provide proof of a negative test for the virus, taken  one to three days before arriving at the camp.”says the CDC in regards to overnight camps. 

For gatherings over summer, they recommend it stay a limited crowd. They also say all attendees should be distanced and wear masks. It is preferred to be outside to limit the spread and that attendees are vaccinated. To stay safe over summer it’s important to follow these guidelines.