FDA Set to Clear Covid-19 Vaccine for 12 to 15 Year Olds

FDA Set to Clear Covid-19 Vaccine for 12  to 15 Year Olds

Jordan Bivins

In a statement released on May 3, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that they were taking the steps to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15. This means that the vaccine could be given to this group by early next week. The FDA was prompted to take these steps when Pfizer applied for emergency use of the vaccines on teenagers. 

In order to authorize the vaccine for these ages, the FDA has been reviewing the data from Pfizer’s trial. The data shows that 2,260 12-to-15-year-olds showed its efficacy is 100%, and it is well tolerated. For those who plan on getting the vaccine and are under the age of 16, this is a good sign. The CDC has not yet stated on whether or not they advise these ages to get the vaccine. 

For younger children younger than 12, Pfizer says they expect to apply for use of the vaccine on 2-to-11-year-olds in September. The trial for these age groups is still ongoing. They have said they are doing a more extensive trail on these age groups for added safety.