The World is In the Middle of Its Worst Covid Crisis So Far


Jacob Nguyen

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, countries are quickly becoming overwhelmed on a global level. In places such as India, hospitals are being overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases while thousands of patients are dying from dwindling oxygen. On April 30, Turkey was forced to enter its first lockdown after recording the highest infection rates in Europe. On April 27, Iran reported its highest Covid-19 death toll so far, many towns and cities were forced into partial lockdown as a result. Brazil has recorded 4.5 million coronavirus cases and nearly 400,000 deaths. 

While Western countries are expected to return to a relatively normal life in the coming weeks, the number of global infections and deaths are rising worldwide. Some countries, as a result, have decided to offer help to aid Covid-19 hotspots. Oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other medical supplies have been sent to help India fight its coronavirus crisis. 

At the same time, Western countries have been criticized for stockpiling their vaccines. Some countries, including the United States, Canada and the UK have ordered far more vaccine doses than the amount that is needed. The UK, which is now vaccinating healthy people in their 40s, have said that they had no spares left to give to India. They said that it will share its surplus doses at a later stage. In the United States, everyone 16 and older will now be able to get the Coronavirus vaccine. So far, 30% of the population is fully vaccinated. The White House said that they would donate 60 million coronavirus doses, which have yet to be authorized until months later. 

In low-income countries, one in more than 500 people have received the Coronavirus vaccine compared to the one to four ratio in high-income countries. At this time, countries are racing to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible to put an end to this pandemic.