Hamilton Theater Company Performs their One Act: “She Kills Monsters”


Christine Krenke

Last Saturday, Hamilton Theater Company performed their annual one act, “She Kills Monsters” in the Hamilton auditorium. The story follows Agnes Evans, a young teenage girl coping with the death of her younger sister, Tilly. Nearly a year after Tilly’s passing, Agnes stumbles across her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons manual. Wanting to know more about Tilly, Agnes seeks out a “dungeon master” to teach her how to play the game. 

All the actors in the play performed with clear masks, making their facial expressions visible to the audience while still maintaining Covid-19 safety guidelines. Audience members who did not come together were also required to sit a few chairs apart.

“It was a totally new experience,” Reagan Blawn, a junior at Hamilton High School and one of the monsters in the play, told the Husky Paw Print. “We had to rehearse a lot of fight choreography, which I’d never really done before. It was just a really unique show and was fun to perform every time.” 

Lindsay Dussault, another junior at Hamilton who watched the play, explained to the HPP, “the show was really funny and it was definitely surprising. My favorite character was Steve. He was a recurring joke that worked every time.” 

“She Kills Monsters” was the last Hamilton Theater production of the school year. No more productions will occur until after July.