Mental Health: It Matters Now More Than Ever


Jordan Bivins

Whether you’re a senior getting ready to graduate and go to college or a freshman getting ready for your second round of high school finals, mental health is a concern that should always be important. With it being Mental Health Awareness month, it is important to look at your current mental state to make sure you’re healthy. 

Being a teenager in 2021 is a feat in itself. We’ve experienced the changes of in-person school to online and back. There has been loss for many, whether it be from Covid or just losing a friend through the pandemic. Though we are not in quarantine anymore, it’s still easy to feel alone and scared about the world that we are supposed to be joining in a few years. This school year has been crazy, starting with our first quarter online, the stress of being quarantined and having to catch up on school, the fear of having a sport or club event get canceled. It’s all been a lot for the entire student population. 

It’s important to check up on your friends, family and especially yourself. If you find that any of these people need help, seek guidance from trusted adults. There are programs here at Hamilton that can help you find your healthy mental space. Other ways to help your mental state is to give yourself breaks. Make sure you get enough sleep, do things that make you happy, and don’t over stress about school. It’s also important to get good amounts of serotonin and endorphins, that means getting good amounts of sunshine and exercising can also help. Most importantly, know that you’re worthy and never alone. There are lots of people who love you and also lots that know what you’re going through. Always know that there is always another chance.