America is One Step Closer to a Post Pandemic Life


Jordan Bivins

As more and more people get their dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, there seems to be more hope that we could get back to relatively normal life. Recently the CDC changed their guidelines and announced that fully vaccinated individuals are safe to stop wearing their masks. The Pfizer vaccine was also approved by the FDA to be used on 12-15 year olds. In the past two weeks that the vaccine has been open to this age group, 4.1 million have received their first dose. About 60 percent of people 18 or older have gotten at least one dose. All of these factors make this pandemic seem to have an end in sight. 

In many cities, mayors have started allowing fully vaccinated individuals to ditch their masks. As well as some major businesses such as Target or CVS. The problem that has arisen now is how to know if one has the vaccine or not. Many are left to the honor system to be truthful that they have gotten the vaccine. As many know, the honors system is not fool proof and many can easily lie. 

The other problem is that many believe that just because the US is recovering, that the pandemic is over. This is not true because the virus will always be a problem if it continues in other countries. Countries like India and Brazil are struggling with high case counts and low vaccine amounts. 

It’s important to continue to take measures to be safe. If it’s available, get the vaccine, if not, continue to wear your masks diligently. Continue exercising the healthy acts of sanitation such as washing your hands and avoiding large groups. Make sure to stay safe, healthy and of course create the right environment to have a great summer.