How Clothing Choices and Overall Style affect Students

How Clothing Choices and Overall Style affect Students

Evelyn Rosales

Everyone has persevering as to what they like, especially when it comes to their style. People in their adolescent years can be very particular as to what they wear. Fashion and personal style impact the life of people, for example, students in their teenage years can be very picky as to how they present themselves. Clothing choices are related to expressing one’s style and personality. There are both positive and negative impacts fashion choices have on students. 

Fashion is a way for someone to communicate non-verbally. The way someone dresses can convey their mood and identity. By being attentive to what you like to wear, you could be more brave and comfortable. Dressing in what you adore and are more relaxed is what fashion is all about, and by doing this you will feel your best and have a rise in confidence and independence. Especially for adolescents, putting on what you enjoy will help with finding a connection with someone. 

Even though fashion has many upsides for students, there are also negatives to this situation. Some students might prioritize their fashion sense over other important topics. A considerable amount of people believe teenagers don’t have enough time to work on crucial things, such as studies and grades. Most teenagers care about what they wear and this could be problematic in their future. Many believe that teenagers may choose to use time and money on clothing when there are more things those resources can be used for. 

Fashion is a key part of most teenagers’ lives. However, this comes with positives and negatives. Students will be able to express their personality but may prioritize it in a way that many people believe is wrong. Fashion and personal style in a student’s life are all about finding the right balance. Students, especially those in their teenage years, should come to an understanding of how to wear what they like without it taking over other aspects of their life.