New Husky Student During the Pandemic

New Husky Student During the Pandemic

Divya Potta

Transfer student from Seattle, Wash. shares her experience at Hamilton High School during the pandemic. 

Trinity Tally is a brand new husky in her sophomore year of high school. She is currently attending Hamilton High School and in this interview she shares thoughts and comments on the school and how it can improve. She describes the school to be stressful and busy as there are many activities taking place and not to mention the 4,000 students that attend here. It has been a tremendous change from her old high school in Seattle. 

When asked about her interactions and opinion on the staff member and teacher, she said, “The teachers and staff are nice and very good at what they do in their teaching mechanisms and approach towards students.” This shows that she has had good relations with the people and community so far. Tally also said that in her old high school there was more talking in regards to showing more examples and explaining the concept as opposed to Hamilton which has less discussion and includes more independent work. Therefore, when questioned about words she would use to describe Hamilton, Tally responded with stressful, nice and informative. Besides academic stress, Tally feels welcomed at Hamilton surrounded by helpful and generous people. Additionally, Tally identifies differences in the rules present at both high schools. For example, she says, “Dress code is more enforced at Hamilton; however, in my previous school, many didn’t break dress code having no need for strong enforcement.” This is ideal as the security at Hamilton needs to monitor a larger number of students making it appropriate to enforce strict dress code. 

Since Tally moved to this school during the pandemic in the summer of 2021, she has found it difficult adjusting to this new in-person environment. She says that she previously attended school from home, practicing distance learning. Tally states that it was a tough experience; however, the teachers at her old school did a good job engaging the students during lessons. When asked about the Hamilton mask policy, she said, “It is important to let others not feel enforced but also have the option to keep themselves safe. Since distance learning was tough for her, she greatly appreciates schools opening back up so that she can have a proper and adventurous high school experience.