Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana

Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana

Jose Chavez

On Aug. 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida struck the coast of Louisiana and so far only one person was found dead from the hurricane. The hurricane also caused more than one million people in La. to lose their power to their houses.  But it weakened into a tropical storm overnight as it pushed into Mississippi with torrential rain and shrieking winds.

The power outage in Louisiana. escalated the susceptibility to floods and 10 percent of citizens with no air conditioning or refrigeration in the stifling summer heat. Ida, a category four Hurricane, hit on the same day Katrina hit both Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years earlier, coming 45 miles shorewards west of where the category three Hurricane Katrina first made landfall.

The rising ocean swamped the barrier island of Grand Isle as landfall came west at Port Fourchon. Hurricane Ida also made landfall two hours later near Galliano. The hurricane whisked through the southern wetlands of La, with more than two million people still living in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge region under threat from the hurricane.

The people of Louisiana woke up from a monstrous storm after Hurricane Ida winds grew to speeds up to 45 mph in five hours after the hurricane moved through the warmer ocean water in the world in the Gulf of Mexico.

This hurricane was the fifth largest in the history of hurricanes so far. It caused many citizens in Louisiana to be trapped by strong winds and have made many more people go missing and left one person dead so far. This hurricane has left the state of Louisiana in ruins and disaster and we US citizens need to do our part for the community and help each other in these desperate times.