Huskies’ Take On HOCO 2021!


Mr. McKinnon


Tanisha Baliga

Hamilton Huskies are having mixed opinions on Homecoming 2021 taking place on Sept. 4 2021.

Shefali Sinha is a junior here at Hamilton High. This year she plans on attending Hamilton’s homecoming dance, taking place on Sept. 4 2021. When asked about the theme of the dance this year she feels that it will still be fun to attend, however; because she has never played the board game CLUE, she does not seem to understand the theme. Some of her expectations for this year’s dance is hot weather, there being a lot of songs from Tiktok and tons of people dancing of course! She thinks that there will be a lot of people at the dance this year, despite the location not being the most ideal as compared to the location in past years. Sinha also attended the homecoming dance her freshman year, where the theme was Outer Space. Her favorite part about the 2019 dance was the movie that was screened in the auditorium. She hopes to hear songs from Doja Cat, The Weekend, Justin Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo this weekend. Sinha also hopes to hear hits like, “good 4 u”, “Heat Waves”, “Levitating” and “Woman”. 

Homecoming dances are a time for students to enjoy moments with their friends for a night, while they dance to trending music in dresses and suits. While this night is fun for many individuals, there are always people who choose not to attend the dance for their own reasons, whether it be they don’t know people going or just do not want to go. It is an obvious given that not every single student is going to attend the dance. 

Arissa Coby is another junior here at Hamilton High who is not going to homecoming this year. She does not want to go because of COVID-19. She is worried about her safety and with all the restrictions, she does not think it’ll be the same experience. Instead she plans on going to dinner with some of her friends. There was no specific reason for her not to go, but she sees it as a plus that she doesn’t have to worry about buying a new dress. When asked what she thought about the theme, she said it was interesting but she didn’t understand it. Coby does not think there will be a lot of attendance this year with all factors considered; however, she does have an idea of what music will be played at the dance. She thinks “Sicko Mode”, “TDFW” and “My House” will maybe be played, however she is sure that there is a high chance that “Dancing Queen” and the “Party Rock Anthem” will be played throughout the night. Coby does not feel as if she will experience a sense of FOMO or miss out on a whole ton, because it won’t be the same as previous years. If she knew more people going to the dance she would have most likely gone, but instead dinner with friends are her only plans for Saturday night.

All in all, homecoming is bound to be a success and will have lots of dancing and entertainment. Despite the location being different from homecomings in the past, it seems like many students are excited for the dance and waiting excitedly for Saturday night to come soon.