A Look Into The Miracle Project

A Look Into The Miracle Project

Tanisha Baliga

Keshitha Gaddam started a club called The Miracle Project here at Hamilton High to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer.

The Miracle Project is a national organization that raises awareness and money for children with pediatric illnesses. With over 1,000 participants across the country, the organization is bringing light to a strong cause.

Keshitha Gaddam, a senior here at Hamilton High, started Hamilton’s chapter of The Miracle Project. As the president of this club, she says, having her own chapter of this organization is the feeling of being a leader for this beneficial cause. Gaddam found out about the organization as she was scrolling through Instagram and found an account which was working towards raising money for the same because she wanted to support. Later, she did her research and learned more about the organization, which led her to starting her own chapter! Her reason for choosing pediatric illnesses is that she has always loved working and being around young children, and her heart aches for children that cannot live their lives as kids because they are held back by an illness.

Gaddam says her cause is so important because children should be able to just be children, and having their lives restricted from something they cannot control breaks her heart. She says by starting her own chapter, she is able to help these children and hopefully give them a chance to have a happy and healthy childhood. The organization primarily raises money for children of low income families who cannot afford the treatment, making Gaddam’s cause so much more important. 

The club hopes to fundraise in different ways. Some ideas the board has so far include throwing water balloons at teachers, selling food at games, and more! The Hamilton Chapter has over 15 members as of now, but it is always open to accepting new members. The club’s end of the semester goal is to raise $5,000 dollars to go towards at least one patient. Gaddam and her team are most looking forward to making a change in these children’s lives this year. 

Gaddam encourages everyone to help donate to the cause in whatever way possible. Whether that may be joining the club, donating during fundraisers or spreading awareness yourself, doing your part to help support this cause can impact a child’s life for the better.