Air Traveling Passengers Are Being Defiant


Nolan Burke

Reports from airlines indicate a surge in unruly passengers in 2021. 

Flight attendants’ job responsibilities include offering food to passengers, demonstrating emergency procedures, and performing safety checks. The surge in unruly passengers in 2021 has forced flight attendants to act as babysitters.

The perks of being a flight attendant include free flights, benefits, and a flexible schedule. During the pandemic, flight attendants’ perks have diminished. Flight attendants worry about catching COVID-19 and dealing with violent passengers. The new challenges that flight attendants face are causing them to be exhausted. This year, 85 percent of surveyed flight attendants reported that they had dealt with unruly passengers. Flight attendants did not expect the sudden increase in violent passengers when they applied for the job.

The reason behind the surge in unruly passengers is unknown. The Federal Aviation Administration signed an order to reduce the number of unruly passengers. Passengers could face fines up to $35,000 and jail time. The FAA website has a video to increase public awareness about the increase in passenger violence.