Mythology Club: Exploring the Myths and Cultures of the World!

Mythology Club: Exploring the Myths and Cultures of the World!

Brock London

The Mythology Club had their first meeting last Thursday at N116, in Ms. Grossman’s room. Here students find others with similar passions in learning and socializing about the different cultures and mythology that exist in our world. This allows students to discover mythology they may not have previously known about.

Jessica Grossman, the sponsor of this club, explains how this club does not focus on certain cultures: “Every culture has some sort of mythology basis even if it isn’t what we traditionally think of as; Greek gods and things like that.” The Mythology club seeks to embrace all cultures and will address religion. However, by no means is religion going to be a focal point. “Respecting it and enjoying the mythology that perhaps came out of religion,” is what Ms. Grossman explained, which means in no shape or form will there be any religious practices. 

This is the Mythology Club’s first year at Hamilton! Ms. Grossman herself is passionate about the mythos. Her favorites are Greek and Roman since she, “really liked Percy Jackson books.” One day a student of hers came up to her saying her interest in mythology and wanting to learn more about it. The two of them got to talking: “Seemed like something we wanted to go with so we’re running with it.” The club has plans for later events along the year, such as the Olympic games!

Please feel free to find the Mythology Club at N116 on Thursdays after school where there are people who love learning about the diverse cultures of the world and look forward to talking about it together.