Aftermath of Homecoming 2021


Mr. McKinnon


Divya Potta

Hamilton High School’s clue-themed homecoming dance which took place on Sept. 4 2021 was the first homecoming dance after the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

With the lifted mask mandate policy, many students were able to dance and party at this wonderful event. Some even say that they had a blast with the cheerful crowd, food trucks, party lights, and an enthusiastic DJ. Let’s take a look at a student’s first impression of the homecoming dance! Isabella Buckhannon is a ninth grader attending Hamilton High School. This year, she attended her first high school dance. 

Some of  Buckhannon’s hobbies include playing tennis, drawing, and playing instruments such as the guitar and ukulele. She likes to be social and go out with friends as much as possible and when asked about her experience at the dance, she says that it was tons of fun and the music was amazing. She explains that at certain times there were small fireworks near the DJ and stage when the beat dropped, which made everyone go crazy. Buckhannon states that she had a blast at the dance. Additionally, she describes her favorite parts of the dance to be the dancing on the disco floor and the passion of others when singing song lyrics. Buckhannon’s top three3 songs she enjoyed at homecoming were “Hotel Room Service”, “Low” and “All Night”. When asked about something the dance organization committee did well, she states, “They did a great job with the disco floor and the DJ’s strobe lights and fireworks!! It brought the dance to life and made it so much more enjoyable!” On the other hand, when asked about something this committee can improve on, Buckhannon pointed out that staff members and volunteers should find a different way for students to get in the dance as the wait time was around 45 minutes long. Lastly, when discussing reasons she would attend another Hamilton High School dance, she says “The songs fit the vibe perfectly and the “venue” was perfect!” She was also glad to find free water bottles, a movie room, and food trucks. Overall, Buckhannon had a great time at homecoming with friends and would definitely plan on attending future dances.