The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is Developing Long-Range Cruise Missiles.


Nolan Burke

Reports from North Korea indicate that the North Korean military intends to pair long-range cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. North Korean officials have explained that the military needs to develop strategic weapons to deter hostility from the United States. Photos from North Korea have confirmed that the long-range cruise missiles can hit targets 930 miles away.

The purpose of cruise missiles is to deliver warheads over long distances with high precision. Cruise missiles were the USSR’s primary weapon used against US naval carrier battle groups. Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un’s sister, has stated that US and South Korean joint military exercises are graphic expressions of US hostility.

North Korean officials claim that the efficiency and practicality of the long-range cruise missiles is perfect. Kim Jong-un has stated that he intends to develop longer-range intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear-powered submarines.

North Korea’s development of long-range cruise missiles sends a message to Washington that North Korea is building its capacity to attack US allies.