Astronomy Club Interviews

Mark Ong

A few people were interviewed at the Astronomy Club in Hamilton High School. The interview took place on Sept. 13, 2021 after school. Toby Coates is the president of the Astronomy Club and in an interview Toby stated “I wanted to use the school telescope and I really wanted to spread Astronomy around since the club wasn’t very Astronomy focused and I want to change that so we could come here at night to look at the stars and planets.”

Another student named Alexas said “I like looking at the sky because the sky to me is really pretty” 

Mr. Crane is the teacher lead in the Astronomy Club and teaches core Physics. In the interview, Mr. Crane was asked what events he plans to host in the Astronomy Club this year at Hamilton High School and he stated “We are still setting up the club and once it is set up, it will become an official club. We are going to start off with some nighttime events here at Hamilton where we will set up telescopes to get good images of stars and planets. Later on if we get enough money, we can buy buses to take us to areas where there isn’t much light pollution to see the stars and planets. We might even be able to go to Astronomy museums and go to Flagstaff to see the Lowell Observatory, but those are long-term goals.”