Cooler Neighborhoods?: How the Cool Pavement Pilot Program May Make the Sidewalk More Walkable


Brock London

In partnership with ASU,The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department and Office of Sustainability held a virtual presentation on Sept. 14, 2021. The results of the cool pavement program, that had been enacted last year, state that temperatures are cooler than those of regular asphalt paving. 

The whole point of the coating is to try and reduce surface temperatures. Light that would initially be absorbed by the asphalt is now reflected back into the atmosphere. This aids roads in dropping temperatures around night time. However, it can also lead to higher temperatures around the daytime.

Streets coated with the substance appear lighter, almost ashy. It’s reported that the cool coated streets were 10 degrees cooler than that of asphalt when afternoon came. Researchers hope that the new streets will reduce energy consumption of AC generators.