President Biden Speaks at United Nations to Discuss Various Topics


Jose Chavez

President Joe Biden appears before the United Nations this week to discuss his case that the world should act with haste towards the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and human rights violation. His pitch for considerable global partnerships comes to importance when allies are more and more skeptical about how great the US foreign policy changed when former president Donald Trump left the White House.

At a virtual summit President Biden will be holding on Wednesday, Sept. 22, leaders will be urged to step up vaccination commitments, addressing oxygen shortage around the world and dealing with other critical pandemic-related issues.

President Biden also plans to have a meeting with the Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House on Tuesday, Sept. 21. He also invited the Ministers of Australia, India and Japan on Friday, Sept. 24.

President Biden has faced resistance and moments of outright anger from allies when the White House moved on important global decisions with some deemed insufficient consultation.

Our president is doing everything he can to stop these global crises around the world. He has been trying to convince other nations that he is different from former president Trump, and we the people of the United States of America need to support our president through these desperate times