The United States Will Decrease Travel Restrictions in November 2021


Nolan Burke

The US will decrease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated Americans in November. Travel industry groups have persistently asked for the government to decrease travel restrictions ever since the Trump administration issued the restrictions last year.

The Biden administration will defer to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to determine what vaccines qualify. The administration will require all foreign nationals to be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated Americans need to undergo a COVID-19 test within a day after visiting other countries.

The CDC will require airlines nationwide to use contract tracing to identify those who come into contact with infected people. Airlines will need to keep the information that they obtain from contract tracing for 30 days. From now until November, travel partners will prepare to implement the new protocols.

According to Jeffrey Zients, Counselor to the President, the Biden administration may enact vaccine mandates for Americans who travel within the US. President Biden’s decision to lower travel restrictions is a step toward repairing tense relations between the US and Europe.