New COVID-19 Drug Seeking FDA Approval


Sahana Donepudi

On Oct.11, 2021, Drugmaker Merck officially requested that U.S. regulators such as the FDA approve its new pill, which they claim can treat COVID-19. While it could take the FDA months to approve this drug, if they do, it will be the first pill ever to treat COVID, while all other treatments require an injection or an IV. This will effectively change the game as it will allow people to treat themselves at home instead of in a hospital. This could help reduce the existing issues in hospitals such as overcrowding and lack of resources. It would also greatly benefit smaller countries trying to solve outbreaks. The company reported earlier this month that the pill cut hospitalizations and deaths by half among patients with early symptoms of COVID. The results were so strong that independent medical experts monitoring the trial recommended stopping it early. Experts still recommend getting vaccinated as it is the best way to prevent these issues. The company hopes to release more detailed information along with a financial report of how much this would cost if the FDA approves it. Merck has already said they will establish a sliding price scale that would allow countries in a poorer economic position to pay less of the pills and signed deals with several companies in order to produce a low cost version of the pill. The new pill could revolutionize treatment and the medical industry all over the world.