Weekly Weather Report 10/18 – 10/22, Astronomy Club Progress & Interviews


Mark Ong

Weekly Weather Report 10/18 – 10/22


Summer temperatures will briefly return to Chander, Ariz. this week following cold temperatures from last week. Last week below average temperatures were forecasted, this week above average temperatures are forecasted along with sunny skies. 


Monday, Oct. 18

High Temperature: 85 degrees Fahrenheit 

Low Temperature: 56 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Humidity: 30 percent 

Forecast: Sunny

Chance of Rain: 0 percent 


Tuesday, Oct. 19

High Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Low Temperature: 55 degrees Fahrenheit 

Humidity: 33 percent

Forecast: Sunny

Chance of Rain: 0 percent


Wednesday, Oct. 20

High Temperature: 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Low Temperature: 655 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 35 percent

Forecast: Sunny

Chance of Rain: 0 percent

Thursday, Oct. 21

High Temperature: 89 degrees Fahrenheit

Low Temperature: 57 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 27 percent

Forecast: Sunny

Chance of Rain: 0 percent


Friday, Oct. 22

High Temperature: 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Low temperature: 57 degrees Fahrenheit 

Humidity: 23 percent

Forecast: Sunny

Chance of Rain: 0 percent


Hunter’s Full Moon rises on Oct. 20, 2021 

October’s full moon is called the Hunters Moon as it refers to people hunting animals for food as the winter season approaches. The full moon of October is mostly referred to as the Hunters Moon but it can be the Harvest Moon if the full moon happens on october 1 or 2. The peak of the full moon occurs at 7:56 A.M. (MST). 


Astronomy Club Progress / Interviews

The Astronomy Club is making some progress as it will be hosting its first in-person event on Friday, Oct. 22, 2021. Mr. Crane, a physics teacher and the leader of the Astronomy Club stated “The club has been making some progress but it hasn’t grown much in population.”

The Astronomy Club’s first event will be held on Friday night outside of Hamilton High School where students will be looking at the moon, stars and planets through a few telescopes. The club’s president Toby Coates is aiming to educate students about the night sky, current space events and how to set up telescopes.