A New Way to Recycle?: The SSS Club


Brock London

Recycling at Hamilton is now taking top priority. The Students for Sustainable Schools or SSS club is starting to pick up recyclables in Hamilton’s walls. 

Esther Cho (Junior) an officer in the SSS club says, “our mission is to promote sustainability.” This is a huge reason as to why this club is important. On the school announcements it was pointed out that every week eight whole bags of recyclable materials are thrown into the trash. “If we throw away something that should be recycled or could be recycled then were just filling up landfills,” Ms. O’Neill states. As a Pre-Calc teacher and the sponsor of the club Ms. O’Neil is passionate about recycling. She lets students know recycling can help in reusing and reducing waste: “I think it’s important for everyone to be aware that what we do makes a difference.” 

The club meets on Thursdays after school in room C212. Meetings generally last for about twenty minutes. For those volunteering the club goes on closer to an hour. Groups of 4-5 will be arranged and assigned a hallway.  Students will then walk around with rolling blue bins and proceed to collect materials they find. Ms. O’Neil explains materials can be: “Plastic water bottles or aluminum.” The club is starting small this year as it is its first.

It might be a new club, but they’re already in action. “We started collecting recyclables last week,” Luke Richie (Junior) an officer of the club stated. The club is already working with some recycling organizations. Ritchie announced, “our treasurer and vice president are working on outside events from school that we can participate in.” 

Make sure to check out the Students for Sustainable Schools club on Thursdays. Go to room C212 Mrs. O’Neil’s room for more information.