Halloween is Around the Corner

Tanisha Baliga

Halloween is around the corner and everyone is looking forward to dressing up with their friends and family to have a good time this spooky season.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has opened up fully allowing life to occur as before. This year more holidays can be celebrated with family and friends since it is safer. One of these holidays is Halloween. Halloween is a tradition in which children mainly, but people dress up in fun costumes of their choice and go around “trick or treating.” For children, it is seen as a time to get candies and chocolates. As children grow older, the interest of the holiday seems to vary.

In teen friend groups, many usually dress up in a more “adult” like manner, instead of princesses and superheroes. While they still dress up, it is mainly seen as a time to get together and party. It brings out a fun creative side in individuals and it’s always exciting to see who’s going to dress up as what. 

A portion of these festivities are to go to haunted houses, make treats, eat good food, drink fun drinks and have a good time with friends and family. The special thing about Halloween; however, is that it’s an entire theme in itself. This theme of “spooky season” where people are scared by things like mummy dolls, skeletons and people dressed as zombies. There is fun and thrill in these festivities and lots of fun for everyone.