Power Shortages Affecting The Globe

Jose Chavez

There are power shortages that are turning off streetlights and shutting down factories in China. The poverty-stricken people of Brazil are having to choose if they need food or electricity to survive for the winter. German corn and wheat farmers can’t find compost, made by using gas. Fear is rising that Europe will also have to ration electricity if it’s a harsh winter.

The world is clasped between an energy crunch. This is causing a major problem on key markets for gas, oil and other fuels that are kept to help give houses lights and heat. This means heading into winter, there are higher utility bills, more expensive products and growing concern about energy consuming Europe and HOW China will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rising cost of energy prices is a big pressure point for businesses and consumers already feeling the pinch of high prices from supply chains. The price of natural gas in Europe has risen exponentially.

We need to start working together if we want to stop this worldwide crisis.