The Mix Criticism Surrounding Kyrsten Sinema

Ash Espinosa

Arizona’s Senator Kyrsten Sinema receiving criticism surrounding her being against the Senate’s filibuster to pass voting rights legislation and join moderates in voting against a minimum wage. 

Sinema has been working near secrecy, holding private conversations with the white house, and provided little information about her concerns to other Democrats.

Rep. Ritchie Torres describes it as, “There is a sense in which we no longer live in a democracy; we live under the tyranny of Kyrsten Sinema,” and “lack of communication and clarity for where she stands.” These statements were declined by Sinema’s spokemen. Noting that the positions between Schumer and President Biden have been clear since August. 

Opposite of Ritchie Torres claims, spokesperson John LaBombard shares, “Senator Sinema respects the integrity of those direct negotiations — she continues to engage directly in good-faith discussions with both President Biden and Senator Schumer to find common ground.” Vartiest of mixed thoughts and criticism surrounding Sinema’s actions have been shared.

Sinema over the course of 20 years has changed from a anti- War activist under the Green party to as stated, “Democratic senator bent on bipartisanship.” Following her role model, former GOP Senator John McCain, Sinema has cut a deal on an infrastructure bill. The bill will distribute money to roads, bridges, and broadband, this plan got support from 19 Senate Republicans. Sinema continues to demand approval for the bill, being held on, until agreements are met. 

However, some members of her state’s delegation find her approach to be an issue. Rep. Raul Grijalva states, “I think she has a responsibility to everyone and the people in Arizona in particular to tell us what it is she thinks she needs to be done.” Along with sharing that she is placed into a difficult position the more time passes without a clear declaration for her actions. Congressmen have also stated their view on the issue. 

On the other hand Mark Kelly has avoided giving word on any of the criticism she is receiving over the economic package. 

Aides reassure that Sinema has been public about her views on issues and support on drug pricing proposals. Proving this with comments she made to the Arizona Republic. Telling that Congress as stated, “should be focused on policies that ensure prescription drugs are available at the lowest possible cost.” 

Strategists and groups have shared that they are urging credible challengers to go against Sinema in the primary.  

As of now to the end of her term more and more criticism will arise, depending on her future approaches on different issues.