Families Involved in Schools’ Tik Tok challenges

Families Involved in Schools Tik Tok challenges

Jia Talreja

 Tik Tok challenges are becoming a problem for all Arizona schools in the 2021-2022 school year. 

During the month of September, the Tik Tok challenge was to vandalize a bathroom which was carried out very quickly. All Arizona schools were impacted greatly by this because of toilets and sinks being stolen from the bathroom and costs going up. Due to this challenge, vandalism numbers have skyrocketed in schools. Before, in one month, there used to be up to 10 vandalism cases, but now, there have been 60 cases in the span of three months. These Tik Tok challenges caused many problems especially for Chandler Unified School District administration and students. 

In CUSD, the administrators are looking to the parents of the students for help.“Parents have been appalled by the actions and very cooperative with administration,” Terry Locke, director of community relations for Chandler Unified said, “It’s been a lesson learned about how teen brains are not fully developed, and why parents need to monitor their children’s online activities. We’ve provided resources to help parents reinforce our safety message.” CUSD hopes that parents will be able to control their children and reduce the number of students doing the Tik Tok challenges by having the parents monitor their students’ social media.