Facebook Whistle Blower Testifies in the U.K.

Facebook Whistle Blower Testifies in the U.K.

Nolan Burke

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified to the UK Parliament last Monday on how Facebook puts profit before user safety. She had obtained thousands of pages of company documents from Facebook and shared them with 17 news organizations. 

During the testimony, Haugen emphasized the need for greater transparency into how algorithms are affecting Facebook users’ safety. She stated that Facebook has not adequately addressed the public safety of its users, and it is up to Congress to enact legislation to protect user safety.

Haugen believes that action now is imperative to protect user safety from being further infringed upon. Advertisers are continuing to stick with Facebook, despite Haugen’s calls for action. Just yesterday, Facebook itself responded to this controversy by changing its name to Meta.

It is uncertain how Haugen’s testimony to the Senate will affect Facebook’s future, but analysts expect that Facebook will be unable to shake off the controversy.