Holiday Excitement!

Tanisha Baliga

With everyone having high expectations for the holiday season this year, let’s see what the Hamilton Huskies have to say about 2021’s holiday season.

During the holiday season, mainly October through November., everyone gets excited about the traditions that occur. Some go on a special vacation with their families and others go out with friends. I interviewed students at Hamilton High to see what some of our students do to celebrate the holiday season. 

I spoke with Crystal Dang, Ariana Rafique and Soumya Parikh. When asked which holiday is their favorite during the season, Rafique and Parikh both said Halloween, whereas Dang said Thanksgiving. Next I asked them which holiday is most celebrated, and this time the answers were different. 

Rafique said Halloween is her most celebrated, Parikh said Christmas was hers and Dang said Thanksgiving. They each have their own special traditions for each of their holidays. Rafique goes to rich communities with her friends for Halloween, so they can get “the nice candy,” as she likes to call it. Her family also likes to drive around and see all the decorations and watch scary movies. Dang’s family goes to her grandma’s place each Thanksgiving to cook with them and enjoy lots of food. Parikh likes to bake during Christmas and her family usually walks around Downtown Chandler to see all the lights. She bakes so much and always gives some to her neighbors!

Then I asked what their favorite holiday activity was. Parikh said that she loves getting presents during Christmas as well as getting to bake with her family while they listen to Christmas music in the background. Rafique said she enjoys watching scary movies with her family during Halloween. Dang said she loves to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate gingerbread houses during Christmas.

Here at Hamilton we don’t have many winter holiday activities so I asked them what are some ideas they had for STUGO, to celebrate the winter holidays! They said they would like to see the halls decorated with paper snowflakes, see a Christmas tree set up in the lobby and potentially have class parties. 

This holiday season will be one to remember and we’re all looking forward to it!