Check Out Hamilton’s Boo Grams Sale!

Divya Potta

As a 2021 Halloween special, Hamilton High School’s student government council sells Boo grams to students. 

This year for Halloween, stugo members are having a Boo gram sale at the Hamilton High School cafeteria from Monday, Oct. 25 to Wednesday, Oct. 27. Boo grams are notes or letters that have messages on them along with a piece of candy attached. They can be sent to friends, teachers and staff at school and will be delivered to the recipient’s class on Friday during the fourth hour class period. These spooky surprises are just one dollar each! The STUGO team has decided to have this special to bring some light into students and teachers lives. It brings their spirits up for Halloween and gets them prepared for the holiday season. Let’s hear what a student has to say about this halloween festivity. 

A sophomore in high school, Elisa Galina, was interviewed to share her view on this fundraiser. She says she plans to send boo grams to her friends, Aarya and Ava. As Galina enjoys the spirit of Halloween and the joy that it brings, she feels it is important to remind her friends and family that they are loved and important. Specifically, Galina states, “I think Boo grams are a thoughtful gift and a great gesture overall. It is nice to know that someone is thinking of me.” All in all, Boo grams are a fun treat for Halloween time and allow for love to spread in the community.