Speech and Debate is a Thrilling Experience


Tanisha Baliga

Hamilton High School has a well rounded Speech and Debate, the experience of a tournament is indescribable. 

Speech and Debate tournaments have many feelings and emotions associated with it. There’s two parts to it: speech and debate. Within each part there are different events. Individuals compete in multiple events if they choose to, whereas others just do one. There is so much anxiety that can build up from the time you get your round sheets, to stepping into your room, to completing your speech or finish debating a round, to the moment you wait for breaks, to the awards ceremony.

What I like about the Hamilton Speech and Debate team is that we are more of a family than a competitive group. We outcompete each other to improve our own performance. When one doesn’t do well in their event, we all cheer on the rest of the people who advanced. At the end of the day it’s about the experience, learning and gaining new knowledge. 

The team competes with other high schools around Arizona mainly. On the occasion of a national tournament, then out of state teams attend; however, competing with other schools gives students a chance to gain new friends, and see different competing styles. Cheering on friends from different schools is something that the team does frequently. It shows that even though they are our competitors the whole circuit respects each other.