The Jewelry Making Club: Designing and Developing Jewelry


Brock London

Searching for the accessory to complete an attire you’re wearing? Join Hamilton’s Jewelry Club where students create jewelry to their liking.

The Jewelry Club meets three Mondays a quarter at N203 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. It is the club’s first year at Hamilton leading to a “trial and error” phase as Miss Weidenbach puts it. As the sponsor of the club, Miss Weidenbach herself has been making jewelry since elementary school. She explains, “I really got into it back in sixth grade.” She reminisces on times of completing her AIMS tests – equivalent to the AzM2 tests – while others sat in the company of a book, Miss Weidenbach taught herself how to thread jewelry. “It became my favorite hobby for a while, especially when the Rainbow Loom came out,” she says. 

Perhaps it was Miss Weidenbach’s former obsession with jewelry that naturally lead her to the role of the Jewelry Club’s Sponsor: “I was very excited at the idea of students coming together and getting to express their creativity in a laid-back, relaxed, fun atmosphere.” She believes that jewelry is an important activity for many students. What makes the Jewelry Club truly incredible is the personal pieces members get after each meeting.

Deshna Navin (9), the president of the club, has a theme for each club meeting including: polymer clay beads or marbled earrings. Members start with their materials and a tutorial on how to create the topic of jewelry of that day. From here on members are allowed to continue on the jewelry introduced at the beginning or work on their own projects. Navin continues to walk around the room providing assistance to any member. Once creations are completed they are left on paper plates to be baked and fired for the next club meeting. 

The club makes a broad range of jewelry pieces. Currently the main focus of this semester is polymer clay jewelry, basing polymer clay as a medium. Various charms, earring and beads have been made with even some students creating unique designs of their own. “I have seen many macaroons, avocados, and beautiful marbled items,” says Miss Weidenbach. Later on in the year new accessories such as rings and chokers made out of wire will be made. There may even be leather jewelry and Miss Weidenbach hinted at a special theme later on in the year: “We plan to work with recycled materials to make new and repurposed wearable items around April for Earth Day.”

There is no experience in crafting jewelry needed to join the club. The Jewelry Making Club is diverse in its members who are knowledgeable and are new to the hobby. Miss Weidenbach remarks, “You don’t need to have friends in the club to have fun either. It is very chill and our club officers do a wonderful job of making everyone laugh and feel comfy in N203.” There is no dedication to attendance of the club either. Members are not forced to stay the entire hour. “We are just so happy to have you as a part of our club!” exclaims Miss Weidenbach.

Go to N203 2:30 after school on the Mondays they meet to check out the Jewelry Making Club!