CUSD Football is Second to None!


Jia Talreja

All Chandler Unified School District schools are doing really well in the 2021-2022 season in football. 

Basha high, Hamilton high, and Chandler high are the three schools that are doing really well. Basha looks to stay at the top of the line. “I’m really excited with where we are at and what we have in our program. We have a lot of really good young football players in this program,” Basha coach Chris McDonald said. “It’s nice to be in the conversation. We have been in that conversation since the beginning of the year, but we’ve got to finish. We have to actually do it. We haven’t completed the job.” Coach McDonald implies that he thinks that the team is doing really well this year and wants to see them continue to do well.

The Battle for Arizona Ave is the number one High School Football matchup in the country. “This game is good for Arizona High School Football, and for the state of Arizona.” Hamilton head football coach, Mike Zdebski said.

Friday, Nov. 12, 2021, Chandler high and Hamilton high play each other for Hamilton’s final game. These two schools have been rival schools for a long time and will continue to be rival schools. Both teams are preparing to give their best and in addition to the teams, the schools are preparing to give the best support they can. Hamilton is having a spirit week for this rivalry game to ramp up excitement. Chandler and Hamilton both think they have what it takes to beat each other!