Husky Students Holiday Cravings

Husky Students Holiday Cravings

Tanisha Baliga

Hamilton High School Huskies, Krisha Agarwal and Maryum Waqar, talk about what foods they’re looking forward to this Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

Krisha Agarwal and Maryum Waqar speak about their holiday excitement this year. They both mention their favorite foods, desserts and spreads.

When asked what’s her favorite thing to eat, Agarwal said that her favorite food to eat during the holiday season is cranberry walnut bread. Her favorite dessert during this time of year is pumpkin pie for it’s “fall taste.” I next asked what her ideal Thanksgiving spread looks like, “Lasagna, garlic bread, soup, mashed potatoes, cupcakes, cider and pasta,” was her response. Then I asked what food she thinks should only be eaten during the holidays and which foods can be eaten all year round, for which she had to say that pumpkin pie can be eaten all year round and that candy canes should only be eaten during the holiday season. Every year her family eats pumpkin spice cupcakes so it’s almost become a tradition for them. The items she loves to cook the most during the season are pumpkin spice cupcakes, mashed potatoes and lasagna. Her favorite thing about the holiday season is all the fun and food she gets to have with her family and friends.

Next I asked Waqar the same series of questions I asked Agarwal, however her answers were very different. Her favorite thing to eat during the season is roast chicken. Her favorite desserts are brownies and hot chocolate, (especially on a snowy day when she travels), since she’s a huge fan of hot chocolate. Her ideal Thanksgiving spread consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, chicken, her mom’s lasagna, and roasted vegetables. Then I asked her ideal Christmas spread, “Roast chicken and biryani,” was her response. Biryani is a south asian dish consisting of rice, meat, spices and vegetables, for those who don’t know. She said that biryani is her family’s traditional food during the seasons. She has her own recipe for cheesecake that she makes each year as well! When asked which foods should only be eaten during the season and which can be eaten all year long, she said that “anything peppermint should only be eaten during Christmas season,” and that mashed potatoes can be eaten whenever. 

It seems like this holiday season is filled with delightful food for people to enjoy with their family and friends this year!