Number One Cause of Death in Arizona is COVID-19


Sahana Donepudi

Reports find COVID-19 as the number one cause of death in Arizona. While earlier this year, cases started to decrease, they have started to quickly rise again. The Arizona Public Health Association states that Arizona is the only state in the nation whose leading cause of death is currently COVID.

Health officials are desperately encouraging people to follow precautions especially as the holiday season is coming up. Johns Hopkins University data shows that the amount of cases in a seven day period has increased by around 1,000 cases in just the past week. The dashboard reported that 2,100 COVID patients occupied hospital inpatient beds on Friday, surpassed only by the surge’s latest peak of 2,113 on Wednesday and the earlier peak of 2,103 on Sept. 11.

Several health agencies in Arizona are very concerned with the spike in cases and presume that they are being caused by the hard hitting impacts of the Delta variant and lax mask and vaccine policies. If the rise of COVID cases continues to happen, Arizona will suffer through a state of emergency like the past year.