Young Dallas Boy Dies From Injuries at Astroworld


Jose Chavez

A nine-year-old Dallas boy has been identified as the youngest person to die from injuries sustained during a crowd surge at the most recent Astroworld music festival.

“Ezra Blount of Dallas died yesterday at the Texas Children’s Hospital at Houston,” family attorney Ben Crump said.

Blount was placed in a medically induced coma after he had suffered injuries from the Nov. 5 crushing of fans during the performance from the festival’s headliner, rapper Travis Scott. He was the 10th person who had attended the festival to die.

Treston Blount, Ezra’s father, describes the event in a post on a GoFundMe page that he set up to help pay for his son’s hospital expenses. Blount said that Blount was sitting on his shoulders when a crowd surge crushed them. Blount lost consciousness and when he gained it he said that his son went missing. He frantically searched for his son until his son was found at the hospital, severely injured.

Blount suffered severe damage to his brain, kidney and liver after being “kicked, stepped on and trampled and crushed to death,” according to the lawsuit the Blount family filed against Scott and Live Nation.

Houston police and fire department investigators have said that they are looking through surveillance videos provided by Live Nation and clips from concertgoers widely shared on social media. Investigators plan to speak with Live Nation representatives, Scott and concertgoers about what happened. Now, Scott and Live Nations are the focus of a criminal investigation.