COVID-19 Cases are Surging in Europe

Sanaya Gupta

Numerous countries in Europe have reported an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases in the month of November. Both Germany and the Netherlands have broken records, with Germany averaging around 50,000 new cases in one day, and the Netherlands reporting 16,000 in one day.

Countries such as Belgium and Austria have reinstated COVID protocols from the earlier days of the pandemic. Belgium has instituted a mask mandate for public places. Furthermore, Austria has around two million unvaccinated people, so the government has responded by only allowing these people to go to work, grocery shopping, or go somewhere for emergencies.

Experts say that even though cases are rising, there has luckily not been a dramatic increase in hospitalizations or deaths. The experts explain how this is because of the vaccine. 

Some countries however, have not been so lucky with the death numbers. Countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, and Latvia have reported record daily death numbers. Many people do not trust the healthcare systems in these countries. This is the reason why places like Romania and Bulgaria also have two of the lowest vaccine uptakes in Europe as reported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.