Field Trip to Risen Savior Child Care Center!


Divya Potta

Marketing Students from Hamilton High School Take a Field trip to the Risen Savior Child Care Center  on Nov. 18, 2021. 

Marketing students at Hamilton High School for the 2020 to 2021 school year have been learning different ways to design, advertise, promote and expand a company or business. They have put together presentations to present in front of their classmates and recently they were assigned to make a product pitch where students create an engaging video that will catch the attention of many investors. Now, to further develop their critical thinking and communication skills, a handful of students have been picked to take a field trip to the Risen Savior Child Care Center to recreate the school’s website and logo. They were also asked to open up social media accounts such as instagram, twitter, facebook and tiktok that represented the preschool and its environment to expand its horizons and hopefully promote further student admission. 

In particular, the Marketing teacher and DECA club leader, Dr. Enid Thompson has assigned specific jobs to each individual involved in this field trip. For instance specifically for period six, Simoni Thakkar and I have been assigned to recreate and manage content for the preschool’s new website. Courtney Cao is in charge of redesigning the logo and setting up a facebook account. Lastly, Zohar Tsameret has been assigned the instagram page and Elisa Gallina is running the tiktok account. Overall, this field trip’s main purpose is to educate marketing students about the business world while allowing them to take responsibility for different sectors of advertisement management of a company. This field trip symbiotically favors the preschool and its leaders by promoting their business on a grand scale.